Pressure Washers

The 41 Series High Efficiency Potable Pressure WasherWolf Environmental offers a variety of Pressure Washer models to fit just about every application. 

Choose from Gas Hot Water Washers, Gas Powered Cold Water Washers, Electric Hot Water Washer, Electric Cold Water Washers and even High Efficiency Washers.


AaLadin 73HE Series (High Efficiency) Stationary NG/LP Fired Pressure Washer

73 Series High Efficiency Stationary  NG/LP  Fired Pressure WasherThe 73-Series utilizes dual heat chambers, dual pump systems and has two independent sets of controls.  Each control set operates a pump via a clutch-drive.  This unit provides the benefits of two totally independent pressure washers driven off a single motor and on one chassis. It is ideal for true independent two gun operation. With a long list of exclusive features, the 73-Series is sure to exceed your particular needs.

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