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Our full service parts department is always  ready to fulfill your needs.

 Steel Eagle Cleaning Parts and Accessories - Proudly made in the USA

Our full service Parts Department
is always ready to fulfill your needs.

Cleaning Accessories For every application

AaLadin Hose Reels have a Horizontal Socked Mount Arm

hose reels

AaLadin Hose Reels have a Horizontal Socked Mount Arm.

Dealing with a tangled  mess of hose is no fun and it costs time and money.What if you could simply grab and go?

  • Avoid frustration
  • Save  time
  • Ensure your hose lasts longer

We offer a full line of reels to accommodate your needs.

  Part Number K01-1030 K01-1029 K01-2031
  Hose Capacity  3/8" x 50'  3/8" x 100'  3/8" x 100'
  Jumper Hose  No Jumper Hose  Includes Jumper Hose  Includes Jumper Hose

Surface Spinners

surface spinnersCleaning floors with traditional wands  is tiring, time consuming and causes striping. What if you could clean faster with less fatigue?

  • Clean floors up to 66% faster
  • Increase efficiency
  • Save  money.

We have many different  models  to fit your needs. Call today for more information.

Undercarriage Cleaners

under carriageIt's impossible to reach some spots without  this accessory.

Enjoy longer life of your vehicles and less maintenance with this tool. Also, you can reach places  under your rigs otherwise left untouched. Effortlessly wash away damaging and infectious debris.

Chemicals & Soap

Chemicals & Soap Cleaners


Cleaning Accessories For Every Application.

Keep your facility and fleet looking great with our full line of soaps and cleaning chemicals.




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