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The 42 Series Self Contained Pressure Washers

AALADIN Series 12 Oil Fired Portable Pressure Washer

42 Series Self Contained Pressure WashersThe 42-Series gas engine model utilizes AaLadin’s Exclusive Patented Exchange Technology that uses waste energy to preheat the incoming water - allowing for a minimum of 30% less fuel usage versus any standard hot water pressure washer offered in today’s market.

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The 5000 Series Stationary Pressure Washer

The 5000 Series Stationary Pressure Washer With a Pressure Rating ranging from 1600 to 3000, and a Flow Output ranging from 4 to 5, these washers are designed for power, convenience, and dependability.
In this series, you'll have the option of Portable or Stationary Pressure Washer Systems. Whether you need equipment for fixed-based operations or those requiring mobility, this series will provide options to choose the apparatus best suited for the task

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The 2000 Series Parts Washer from Aaladin

the 2000 Series Parts Washer ModelsThere are nine different models to chose from in the 2000 Series of Parts Washers, with gallon capacities ranging in size from 40 gallons to 260 gallons.The 2000 Series has motor horsepower starting at 3, reaching up to 15, depending on the model chosen.

Seal-less "EZ Load" Door

Eliminate water on the floor when the door is opened, 99% of the water drains back into the machine.  In addition, the cleaning basket is exposed, so it is twice as easy to load and unload than a flat door parts wather.  You do not have to put your head and arms into a box of hot steam and hot dripping water to load and unload the parts washer to see if your parts are clean.

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